Soil Erosion can be a serious problem

Soil erosion can be a serious problem, resulting in catastrophic damage to water sources, landscaping, and wildlife. Repairing damage caused by soil erosion can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Fortunately, most of the problems associated with soil erosion can be controlled or prevented with products available from East Coast Erosion Blankets. East Coast products are of the highest quality, and designed to solve all types of erosion problems.

With multiple manufacturing facilities, we offer products that provide short-term, extended-term, and permanent soil protection. East Coast erosion blankets offer a variety of benefits, including the prevention of soil loss due to water or wind, and elimination of sediment run-off in ponds and drainage channels or onto dry areas. The blankets are ideal for protecting seed, and provide optimum conditions for establishing plant growth.

In today's market it is important to have a supplier committed to excellence. We specialize in rolled erosion blankets. Our single focus is in producing the highest quality rolled erosion product to solve erosion issues worldwide.

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