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For years, engineers and landscapers have looked to East Coast Erosion for quality soil erosion control products.

Now East Coast Erosion is proud to introduce T-RECS, a revolutionary, three- dimensional, woven polypropylene, geotextile turf reinforcement mat that provides permanent soil erosion control faster and for less money than any other solution on the market. The mat's three-dimensional fibers and unique dome shape provide greater surface area to catch more seed, soil and water.

The result is fast, plush, green vegetation on areas that may have once seemed impossible to grow grass.

Tough on soil erosion. Easy on the planet.


Until now, if you had a steep slope or high-flow channels, riprap was one of the only solutions. While these hard-armored products protect shorelines and slopes, they look unnatural, and they're hard on the environment they're designed to protect. T-RECS high-performance mats can absorb the impact from high-channel flow velocities, waves, water, wind, and ice, and they're more cost effective than riprap, and much gentler on the environment. You get a clean, thick coat of usable natural green grass all the way to the edge of your coastline or slope. As a result, your organization will get LEED credits.

Made in the USA, T-RECS meets the industry's rigorous standards, including Type 5.A, 5.B, and 5.C specifications established by ECTC (Erosion Control Technology Council) and FP-03 Section 713.18 of FHWA (Federal Highway Administration.)

A permanent solution in less time, for less money.


T-RECS isn't just different from anything else on the market today;it's better.

T-RECS can be surface applied, or soil filled, making it easy to use. Patent-pending, cross-directional monofilament structure are woven into T-RECS's unique dome shape, giving greater surface coverage and improved adherence to soil subgrade, which promotes faster vegetation and a stronger root system. Your site will be protected now and for years to come- and so will your budget.

Best of all, T-RECS outperforms and costs 33% less than competitive products.


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